Featured Clients

Some of the clients we worked with

  • Improving content and visibility of the Gambia’s Premier college

    The Gambia College wanted its users, especially the current and prospective students, to find anything they want to know about the college on its website.

    With our intervention, all the pages of the college website were furnished with suitable information in response to the needs of students, and stakeholders. Fresh content was produced for new pages on the website showcasing all facilities that enable teaching and learning in all the four campuses of the college.

    Within six months of our partnership, feedback from the college shows

    increase in new users
    increase page views representing a reduced burden on the college administration.
  • Helping Eye Africa in branding and staff recruitment

    The first Gambian online television with international characters needed a more structured programmes to run 24 hours in informing, educating and entertaining viewers in Africa and beyond.

    Jamwally ensures the recruitment and training of competent staff and freelance reporters, presenters and editors to meet the demand of the broadcaster. We design and produce live news programmes with exceptional presentation styles.

    Our job between 2018 and 2021 resulted to:

    • A full-fledged newsroom consisting of different desks - including current affairs, achieve, and in-depth with additional ten hours live streaming newsroom capability covering seven new programmes.
    • Increased in average weekly viewership of one hundred thousand to one million on Facebook, double of the number for the same period on YouTube. While the statistics on satellite is uncalculated, the TV website generates three millions views with nearly two millions page impressions in every twenty-eight days. This represents a thirty percent rise in online visibility.
  • Introduction of Rural Youth Projects

    The Gambia Chapter of Global Youth Innovative Network longed for a programme that would trigger the participation of young people in the rural areas who are prone to taking the irregular route to Europe in search of job opportunities.

    The introduction of Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Information Technology took training opportunities to the doorsteps of the youth who felt forgotten in national development. The same programme led to the introduction of an annual Rural Youth Award which is meant to celebrate the achievements of young people in their various regions.

    Within six months of our partnership, feedback from the college shows

    rural youth trained on different sub themes – entrepreneurship, leadership, and Information Technology
    rural youth won national awards
    new projects steamed from the ELIT with international partnership

How Jamwally helps you

  • For Schools, Colleges and Universities

    Boost your digital experiences with us by bringing your content to life and always up to date.

  • For Media Houses

    Media House works better with agile and structured workflows, ready for any operation. Let Jamwally become part of your team, in your news room to keep your platform authoritative and current.

  • For Designers & Developers

    Finally, let Jamwally take care of the content while you focus on coding without using “lorem ipsum”.

  • For Business, Agencies and NGOs

    You choose from all classes of content production, we produce minutes, journals, reports and press packages including ads and press releases.

We help you get the most from your services with our services.

Visibility of high profiled institutions and businesses across the world is dependent on quality content and publicity. Our assurance of service delivery caters for your need for a simplified version in projecting your identity to contacts and partners worldwide.

This is part of what makes investment in content production worth the cost. Filling this valuable gap in the pages of great institutions like yours formed the basis for which Jamwally is up and running.

Our team takes pride in service delivery with respect to quality and time. While your online and offline platforms are set to experience the transformation you desire, Jamwally gives you the opportunity to decide the structure and content that suit the taste of your clients, collaborators and the public in general.

Digital media production:

We will help you create training and brand videos to introduce your business, training, share your story, and build customer relationships. Digital production that profiles your company or institution to your potential customers.

Content Strategy:

We’ll help you produce engaging content for your website, educational training, news, events, and social media that keep your company or institution current and up to date.


We develop training tools and customise them for delivery for different learning groups. Our team of experts is well versed in curriculum and pedagogy with certificates to work with both children and adults at all levels.


  • Editorial
  • News Production
  • Staff Recruitment and Training
  • Project Management

About Us

Jamwally is a digital media and education consultancy based in Sukuta, The Gambia. We work with brands for media productions, content strategy, training, and enhance the migration to digital culture.

If you imagine owning an enterprise through which you counter existing and emerging challenges in communication or the mode of communication itself, then you are on the right headquarters to ask for a service.

We do not only design story structures for you, but also sculpt narrative angles to tell the purpose of your establishment.

Our Approach

We exceed your expectations

We are a team of competent experts with concern for quality service delivery beyond just the memorandum of understanding.

Focused on you

We give our clients the right to judge our claims of uncompromising standards as it reflects on our products in the aspects of training; publications; editorial services; and content development.

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